SUHE CREEK——Deluxe Compound that Gathers Celebrities


SUHE CREEK is located on the bank of Suzhou River, flanking Waibaidu Bridge that is 800 meters to the east, connected to the Bund and facing Lujiazui trade area across Huangpu River. 苏河湾官邸, the two 150-meter tall twin buildings of deluxe suites, are the tallest residential buildings in Puxi. It is said that Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Guo Jingming all live here.

We are honored to have be in charge of the furnishing project for several of the proprietors. The current case mainly features modern style, steady, modest, elegant and very classy. The steady ambiance is brightened up by a touch of refreshing green and vitalized by a splash of bright gold.

The photo session took place at an afternoon with drizzling rain.


The suite was well decorated when the proprietor got the key, featuring dark wooden surfaces and closets . Since the entire ambiance was dominated by darker tones, we thus also chose steady ones among big-sized furniture. In this case, we chose couches of Frigerio from Italy, which are classy yet also exquisite. The armchairs and bronze lamps from Portugal are undoubtedly eye-catching. Carefully designed carpets lightened up the entire space with the fluidity of a spacious lake.

For the dining room, we chose the classic marble dining tables from B&B, solemn and yet luxurious.


The dining chair called “BAILU” is specially designed by Neri&Hu for LEMA. “BAILU”, which means “crystal dew”, alludes to the graceful Chinese taste. The designer thus ingeniously added a stroke of Oriental beauty combined with Italian elegance to this modern residence.

In the dining room, the chandelier and the floor lamp from Portugal Delightfull are undoubtedly a highlight.


The porch decoration is another highlight in this case.

For the porch cupboard, we chose a series of furniture that was specially designed by Sir Steve Leung for the prestigious Italian furniture brand VISIONNAIRE. This cupboard integrates a highly rare agate stone on its drawer panels and leather on its surface, while the radiating pattern on the panels adds another stroke of modernity.


The wall lamps on the two sides of the porch cupboard echo the style of the chandelier in the living room.


Since the proprietor has already moved in, we were only able to take pictures of the living room, the dining rule, the porch and the public space, but not the private bedrooms. May we leave this beautiful property with a slight mystery.