Haining BAIHE XINCHENG Duplex Mansion

This case is one of the duplex apartments developed by China Green Town, which generally share some similar features: beige marble, crimson portals and floor. The color tones would probably appear slightly dull to fashion amateurs. 

However, the addition of black elements in soft decoration color spectrums successfully brightened up the dullness. The back of the main couch in the living room, dining tables and chairs all feature black highlight wooden frames.

The main curtain is flanked by dark mocha decorative curtains, providing a connecting transition between the main curtain and the interior environment.


The lamps in the living room and the dining room feature two correspondent styles of the same lamp model.

The modification project of the corridor wall hand-made boiseries also adopts black decorative panels for wooden frames.


The creative addition of coral red and classic gray in the color spectrum of the main bedroom not only conveys the auspice of marriage, but also avoids the cliché red color of an ordinary wedding. The transparency of the crystal vase and the beautiful blush of the decorative flowers adds a stroke of vitality to the room for the newly wedded couple.


The parents’ room features the French styles, delicate, steady and classy.


The relocation of furniture and the modification of the living ambiance, along with ingenious color combination and decorative touches, elevate the class and diversity of the entire space. The soft color tones successfully weakens architecture’s angularity, thus reflecting the delicacy of the property and the taste of the proprietor.

Note that all the products from this case are from Italy, including Bruno Zampa for furniture, Reflex for lamps, Arte di Murano and Cornerio Cappellini for accessories. Fabrics are partly domestic, partly imported from Neverlands. Since Ujoin International enjoys the discount price for direct purchases from manufacturers, the entire budget is quite ideal.