Mingyuan Villa


This project at Shanghai Xijiao Mingyuan was almost completed by the end of 2014. Due to the proprietor’s exquisite demand for accessories, all the paintings and accessories were fully installed in the October of 2015. Only by then were we able to commence our photo shooting session.

The beautiful architecture designer created a minimalistic yet classy ambiance for this mansion of 800 square meters. The walls are protected by simplistic white wall panels  covered by wall cloths with subtle blue patterns. Since the proprietor favors color blue, designers adopt fabrics with diverse blue tones for couches, chairs and curtains, while the wooden frames are dominated by brownish gold. This not only creates a royal ambiance for the living room, but also accentuates the tranquility and elegance of the blue colors.

The designer made a great effort as to create a double-layer curtain style in order to fit the double-register frame structure of the long and narrow windows.


The couches and the tea table in the living room are from Rampoldi of Italy. The chair is from Asnaghi. The fabrics are from Loris Zanca and Erre Erre of Italy. Accessories are from C&G. The paintings are produced by local painters from Shanghai.


This window is located at the end of a corridor. Due to the limitations of the asymmetric side walls, the designer designed this asymmetric curtain style. The light-color fabric, though simplistic and monotone, creates its unique style by rim laces, whose color also echoes with the blue porch cupboard from Rampoldi of Italy.

Accessories are from C&G of Denmark.


Shown on the above is the hand-drawn illustration of curtain design.

The furniture in the dining room are from Bellotti of Italy.


The furniture in the guest room are from Gotha, a small manufacturer located in the Florence region in Italy. Gotha presents exquisite carvings and fine lacquer works with desirable prices.


The proprietor creates a dreamy fantasy for his beloved daughter using the pinky violate furniture from Asnaghi, a century-old brand from Italy. What a great way of fulfilling a girl’s dream!