Beautiful and cozy family chambers

The importance of family chambers tends to be neglected compared to that of the living room in the domain of villa designing. However, the family chamber is an important place for a family’s daily reunion. Usually, the ambiance of a family chamber would be more exquisite, romantic and cozy than that of the grandeur living room. Moreover, the design of the family chamber is usually directed by the female proprietor’s taste.

The two cases in this article both represent our recently finished family chamber projects. We chose the romantic French style in order to present to our readers a French chic, romantic and cozy family chamber.

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Case 1: Peaceful meditation

The property in this case is located at Shanghai Shanghai Xijiao Mingyuan. The proprietor favors a peaceful yet cozy ambiance, thus he has a special taste for clean and fresh colors. As a result, our designer chose the color green as the main tone. He ingeniously employed an interplay of dark and light colors and the echoing wooden frames to perfectly integrate the interior environment and the furniture.

The couches are from Meroni e Francesco, a 160-year-old French style furniture brand from Italy. The fabrics of the couches were carefully chosen by our designing director from our 3 cooperative Italian fabric suppliers, Loris Zanca, Kohro and TB.

Curtain styles and fabrics

We chose flat valances for the curtains due to the limitations of the elevation.

Innovative flat valance style: green and red decorative patterns in the middle and green monotone fabrics on two sides. Every flat valance has dark green decorative rims, which also appear on the inner side of the main curtain.

This creative and unique curtain style not only provides a transition between the curtain and the furniture, but also creates a perfect rhythm among the different color tones.

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The color green with diverse tones also appear throughout the details of the accessories. Along with the exquisite bronze carvings, the representation of the entire space is much more exciting and intriguing.

Case 2: Purple Romance

This case presents a soft decoration modification project at a villa in Haining Baihe Xincheng..

Before modification: Traditional European style curtains were so heavy that the interior was poorly illuminated. The somber tones of the curtains weakened the illumination even more. The entire space was excessively dark and dull.

Photo of the scene before modification:

图片6 副本.jpg

Aim of the project: increase the brightness of the room interior in order to ameliorate the spaciousness and the comfort of the room; unify the interior space in order to elevate the class of the entire ambiance. The proprietor repeatedly accentuated his favor for purple even before the commencement of the project. Therefore, the designer made a bold move as to combine purple and green. Once again, we chose the premium Italian brand Meroni for the furniture.

Photo of the scene after modification:

图片7 副本.jpg

The problem of mal-illumination was completely solved. Exquisite French furnishing along with European style purplish green curtains fully satisfied the proprietor’s love for the purple color. At the same time, the sensuality of overly concentrated purple color was also successfully avoided.

Introduction of the curtains

The purple curtains are the proprietor’s favorite. The beautiful olive green valances are from Italy. The exterior layer of decorative drapery is dominated with light green color and ornamented with other rich colors and pinkish purple florals. Such a beautiful floral drapery can also be from the premium Italian fabric brand Loris Zanca.

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Accessories are always the indispensable highlights of the entire space. The accessories of this case are also extremely unique, such as the highly lively and vivid wooden dog of Roberto Giovannini from Italy and the bronze carvings and porcelain fruit plates of C&G from Denmark. This bright space is infused with the authentic French chic. No wonder the proprietor would love to stay here as long as possible to enjoy this fantasy...