There is a type of beauty-we shall call it simplicity

The beauty of simplicity originates not only from the courage to return back to nature, but also from the confidence that resides underneath the charming appearance.

 This residence with a perfect location is decorated by a clean and elegant cream white on its ceilings, walls, cupboards, chairs, couches, tea tables and even accessories, with only a little touch of gold to accentuate the warmness of the cream white. Surprisingly, the combination of the colors created a splendid and iridescent fantasy.


The simplistic yet classy Zaraboni couch set boasts the exquisite glow of its pearl white leather, while its luxurious style echoes with the Baroque style tea tables and side cupboards, whose delicate carvings make a smooth transition to the gold color on the couches. Such a sight reminds us of the royal magnanimity from the long history, so that even the Asnaghi dining table known for its luxe seems to be overshadowed. The selection of the dining chairs had the same idea as in that of the couches. The famous Provasi dining chairs and the classic dining table echoes with each other and proudly boast their beauty, while still flirting with the beams emanated from the Arte di Murano light.

The bedroom has completely adopted Cornelio Capellini. The pinkish-white leather, the crystal handles and the details on the foot of the furniture all demonstrate the aplomb of an it-girl. The curtains and lightings bring in a fresh touch of emerald green, which clears up the white colors renders them into the beautiful white swans in morning dew. 

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The perfection of forms and the charm of colors all testify to the power of simplicity.