Case study of One Park Shanghai—Exquisite lifestyle, a masterpiece only by craftsmanship

One Park Shanghai is a prestigious luxurious residential compound where Ujoin was honoured to be able to provide the furnishing of several properties. 

It remained difficult, however, to discover the unique characteristics of each household from an ensemble of facilities that is uniform throughout the entire compound, and to create a home with personal style. This case could  never be completed without the patient participation of the hostess. Instead of claiming the trophy, Ujoin would prefer to call it a masterpiece of the hostess.

Our main focus of this case was on the salon, the dining room, the living room, the master bedrooms and the rooms of the two children. While the public space maintains a harmony, individual rooms demonstrate the personal tastes of each family member.



(The elegant three-seat sofa and the marble-engraved square tea table set the grandiose undertone of the huge 50-square-meter salon. Furthermore, the single-seat sofas with voluted seat back added a touch of tenderness, the violet colour accentuating the ambiance of the entire room.)

(The salon furnishing is from Colombo Stile)

The single-seat chairs have voluted seat backs of snail shapes. Floral patterns grew onto the handrails as exquisitely decorated as are the chair legs, echoing with the traditional Chinese knots on the cushions.

The decoration of the salon is characterised by a fineness. This beautiful lamp has not only a special shape, but also stunning and breathtaking carvings.

We have chosen the horse-head-shape Murano glass lamp for the principle lighting of the salon, because horse has a special place in the family history.

The hostess fell in love with a shell accessory during her trip in Europe. Having travelled thousands of miles back in China, it has never been disappointing. It is a perfect match with the home style, and has been the highlight of the entire decoration. 

The warmness of home should not only be seen, but also be smelled. The perfumed candle from Diptique Paris emanates the favourite rose scent of the hostess, its light being projected from within the purple candle cup. On the carpet is put the freshly opened wine, its unique bottle cover embodying an exquisite life style.


Dining room

The dining room is a space that gathers the entire family, thus it should be treated a great attention. The choice of the dining table and chairs, though seemingly simple, is actually a great art.

The light-toned painted table surface and leather dining chairs lightened up the entire dark-toned ambiance. Meanwhile, the special dark-coloured painted chair backs harmonised the contrast between the light and dark colours.

(This is the Bamboo dining table from Reflex, with elegant light-toned painted glass surface. The slender rotary table can be easily rotated.

The most unique character of the table is its bamboo shaped legs. As transparent as crystals, it imitates growing bamboos. It undoubtedly is a surprise under the table worth lingering on. )

The New York dining chairs from Reflex are highly decorative, especially the entire ensemble of the curved chair back that breaks the convention. 8 dining chairs created a circle, a true beauty from every angle.


This lamp named Sirius is equally from Reflex. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, after the Sun, that is detectable by human eyes. Just as indicated by its name, this lamp illuminates the entire space.


Living room

The living room next to the dining room is a highlight. Each one of its furniture was carefully selected. The bronze-coloured topstitched leather sofa features a unique style and a mesmerising comfort, setting the undertone of the entire living room.

(From Mantellassi Italia)

This winged horse-skin single chair reminds us of the Greek creature Pegasus. According to legend, every time Pegasus strikes the earth with his hoofs, there will be a spring of luck, hope and beauty that bursts forth, a spring that eliminates worries and concerns and rejuvenates skin and youth. 

Nothing can be a better choice for the living room, the space for family entertainment. 


The Z-shape glass tea table features its novelty, slenderness and fineness. Its calculated height allows the Poltrona Frau chair to be inserted underneath whenever not used. The succulent plant under the glass surface becomes a unique sight. 

After communicating with the hostess, we broke the convention and moved the chandelier from the centre to the side, freeing up the space in the living room. The two diamond-shape lamps are differently positioned. This vitalised the entire space.


Master bedroom

(Chanel—Forever Chanel)

The Chanel collection of Colombostile employed the classic rhomboid pattern and metal chains of Chanel on furniture design.

According to legend, the rhomboid pattern originates from a technique of sewing bed linens, and started being employed in other domains thanks to its durability. Once on a horse race track, Coco Chanel was fascinated by the rhomboid pattern on the uniform of stable boys, thus started employed it on bags. Thus was born the famous handbag Chanel 2.55. Chanel was the first to apply the pattern on leather goods, but her legends reappears today on bedroom furnishing, proving her motto “Fashion passed, style remains”.

We modified the back wall of the master room, change its green rhomboid-patterned wall cover to a more coordinating sandy beige fabric. This further accentuated the distinctiveness of this Chanel collection.

A beautiful dressing table is an essential in the bedroom. The white painted surface and the classic Chanel metal chains, together with a variety of perfume and cosmetics, all give you a great mood before going out.


Bedroom of the son

The son of this family is a very independent young man who broke the convention of spatial design and demonstrated his own personality.

He chose a modern and simplistic bed. The design of the bedside is extremely stylistic.

(From Lema)

The arrangement of the sofa, the glass tea table and the cozy white carpet is seemingly effortless, yet is actually smart and unconventional. A room like is certainly the best match with a lazy afternoon.

Tired of similar shelfs, you can try the customised shelf system from Alf. The layered combined shelves and the hanging-bar shelves provide you with a perfect reading corner.

(Alf customised shelves)


Bedroom of the daughter

The installation of daughter’s bedroom is relatively more dark-toned. Therefore, the bed is preferably light-toned and curved. Here, the simple topstitch adds a touch of femininity. The layered side table and small tea table made the entire ambience more lively. 

(Bed from Bontempiletti)

We chose a very lovely balloon-shape butterfly lamp for the wall lamp. Suddenly the room is full of dancing butterflies.

(The lamp is from Arte di Murano.)

Dark grey, light grey and cream white constituted the reading corner of the daughter’s room. There is also more ample space for personal demonstration. The L-shape desk was ingeniously integrated in the ensemble and saved a lot of space.

(Alf customised shelves)


A perfect balcony should be filled with plants and flowers. Two garden chairs from Ligne Roset France, one white and one black, demonstrate the creativity of the proprietor.

Home is the source of inspiration. A finely decorated home, indeed, is a place truly worth lingering.