UJoin is not only a retailer of furnishing products from all over the world, but also a precursor that relies on a close partnership with more than 100 prestigious international brands and introduces the latest furnishing design and consumption ideas to every costumer.

  • Introducing UJoin, Understanding customer needs, Signing service agreements More
  • Making plans of fabric and upholstery application (including curtains, boiseries, wall papers, carpets and bedding). Coordinating the spatial and tonal entirety and combination. Creating desirable ambiance. Improving partly details. More
  • Application of wall papers, boiseries, Installation of lighting, furnishing and curtains More
  • Our design team supervise the entire installation process and try-out sessions, adjust the partly details accordingly, and improve the entire effect. More
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  • Our designers only select different furnishings such as furniture, lighting, fabric, carpet and accessories imported from Europe (mainly Italy) according to the tastes and styles of our customers. At the same time, we maintain in control of the budget plan of the entire project. More
  • After finishing the whole production, the Italian factories provide our customers with photos of the furniture for inspection (or customers can go to Italy directly for inspection), after which the products are boxed and shipped to Shanghai. More
  • Selection and recommendation of art pieces and accessories. Arrangement of flower decoration. A better display of the customers’ personal tastes and styles. More
  • On-site inspection, Follow-up quality control More